Measurement system using Doppler effect belongs to most accurate devices for measuring velocity of projectiles with independence on light and weather conditions.

  • Easy to use

    Place LabRadar beside the shooter, point towards the target and you’re ready to go.

  • Measurement values

    Maximum Velocity, Minimum Velocity, Average Velocity, Standard Deviation, Extreme Spread.

  • Measurements range

    Actual velocities at various distances, up to 70m.

  • Accuracy

    Accurate measuring with subsonic, transonic, supersonic projectiles.

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  • Working in demanding conditions

    Works in any light conditions.

  • Severity

    No Shooting through a small confined window.

  • Recording values

    Records virtually unlimited number of shots and shot series.

  • Data transfer

    Download data simple to a PC / SD Card.

How does it (LabRadar) work

LabRadar velocity measurements are based on Continuous Wave Doppler Radar and advanced Digital Signal Processing Technologies.

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Labradar Gallery

Product availability

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Labradar Accessories

Accessories that can be purchased for Labradar.

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Padded Carry Case

This customized padded case is constructed of 600 Denier fabric with a waterproof backing. It includes 2 full length zippers with pull tabs, padded sides and webbed handles. There is an exterior large bellow pocket for storage of accessories that has a velcro closure and an interior pocket for storage of the user's manual. There are two Velcro straps on the back side of the case to strap the Bench Mount plate to the case. A shoulder strap is included.

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Bench Mount

This heavy gauge metal plate features a universal ball mount with a removable plate that allows it to stay on your Labradar for quick attachment to the base plate. The Bench Mount allows for virtually any alignment of Labradar. It is espcecially useful when shooting from a prone postion or from a bench top when space is not available for a full size tripod or cannot be positioned close enough to the weapon muzzle. The plate measures 12 x 12 inches and is orange in color with rubber feet.

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USB Rechargable Battery Bank

A rechargable USB battery bank is the perfect solution to power LabRadar. While the system works great on AA batteries you can extend the shooting day with this 10,000 mAh rechargable power bank. It is supplied with heavy duty 3M Dual Lock reuseable fastening tape to attach the power pack to your Labradar. A USB cable is supplied to connect to your LabRadar. The power pack is also compatible with cell phones and tablets. Rechargeable up to 500 times. Input: Micro USB 5V/ 1A/2A Output Port A: 5V/2A Output Port B: 5V/1A Weight: 12.5 oz Dimensions: 5.4 x 2.4 x 0.8 Cable: USB to Micro USB Power Level Indicator Lights: 100, 75, 50, 25% Light: Built in LED Flashlight Color: White with Orange accent

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Weifeng Professional Aluminum Tripod

Sturdy aluminum tripod to mount your LabRadar. Features - Ballhead with quick release platform and locking lever - Adjustable tilt and pan controls - Makes alignment of Labradar easy using one knob locking - Leveling Bubble, allowing for optimum alignment - Extending adjustable legs, with rubber & spiked feet - Quick release leg locks - Four section aluminum legs - Maximum Height 64 inches - Minimum Height 22 inches - Includes carrying case with shoulder strap

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SD Card- SanDisk 4 GB

anDisk SDSDB-004G-B35 Standard SDHC Class 4, Memory Card 4GB, Blister Pack. This is enough memory to hold thousands of shots.

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Archery Trigger Adapter

The Archery Trigger Adapter is used for most bows and crossbows since they do not have the required muzzle blast to trigger the radar. The adapter can be mounted to the riser, stabilizer, or the limb on most bows. The adapter can also be mounted on the stock on crossbows. The Kit contains: Microphone designed with special circuitry to work exclusively with Labradar. Non marring universal clamp with embeded microphone with 3 ft cable. 6 ft microphone extention cable. Carrying Bag. Adapter opens to 1.75 inches.

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Air Gun Trigger Adapter

The Air Gun Trigger Adapter kit is used for guns that do not discharge sufficient muzzle blast to trigger the radar. This adapter should only be used on Air Guns, Rimfire cartridges that have little or no muzzle blast and some suppressors. The Kit contains: Microphone designed with special circuitry to work exclusively with Labradar. Stainless Steel Mounting Bracket to attach to the side of Labradar putting the microphone at the proper offset. Carrying Bag.

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Air Gun Bracket

The Air Gun Trigger Bracket is designed for use with the Archery Adapter clamp. MICROPHONE NOT INCLUDED. Stainless Steel Mounting Bracket to attach to the side of Labradar putting the microphone at the proper offset when using air guns or suppressors or other weapons with small muzzle blast Radar and microphone not included


How does LabRadar work?
LabRadar velocity measurements are based on Continuous Wave Doppler Radar and advanced Digital Signal Processing Technologies.

Where should my muzzle be positioned?
Ideally you should place your muzzle even with the side of the unit and between the top and bottom corners. If you have a muzzle brake you should place it a few inches in front of the radar to prevent the direct muzzle blast from impacting the unit. Be sure to set your Projectile Offset to the correct distance in the preferences menu.

MHow do I use Labradar with 22 rimfire, Airguns or Suppressors?
Since there is very little muzzle blast pressure emitted from 22 rimfire, Airguns or suppressed firearms you may need to place Labradar approximately 3 inches in front of the muzzle and approximate 3 inches to the side. If your unit still will not trigger due to the low muzzle blast you can purchase the Air Gun Adapter to assist in triggering the radar.

My radar triggers but I do not get a velocity reading.
When you get an error message that the projectile was not acquired it is usually due to poor alignment of the radar or muzzle blast debris interfering with the radar reflecting off of the bullet. To resolve this you can move your muzzle farther forward and farther to the side. Be sure to adjust the Projectile Offset distance when moving farther to the side. You can confirm your alignment by looking through a small diameter tube placed in the sighting notch.

Can Labradar be placed downrange?
Labradar is designed to set besides the shooter as it is triggered by the weapon muzzle blast. Currently it is not possible to trigger the radar at a downrange location.

Is it Safe to use?
Yes, LabRadar was designed for and is in compliance with the United States FCC Regulations, CE requirements and Canada requirements.

How accurate is it?
LabRadar has an accuracy of 0.1%.

If you’re not in the center of the radar beam is the accuracy diminished?

BWill it work in the hot, cold, cloudy, sunny, shade or changing light conditions, rain, indoors, outdoors?
Yes, unlike most light sensing chronographs LabRadar is not affected by these environmental conditions.

Does it work on batteries?
Yes. LabRadar uses 6 AA type batteries. It can also be powered from an external USB power pack.

Can the LabRadar be used with bows and crossbows?
Yes, when used in the Doppler mode the arrow acts as the trigger when it enters the radar beam. This is generally 6-10 feet downrange. It will continue to track the arrow for approximately 60 yards. When in the Trigger Mode an adapter can be used on the bow to communicate with LabRadar. The adapter will trigger the radar in the release of the arrow.

At what distances will LabRadar report velocities?
LabRadar will report the muzzle velocity and up to five other velocities at the distances that you select in increments of one (1). You will be able to select these distances prior to shooting. You can select feet, yards, meters, etc. Velocities can also be reported in metric and standard values.

Does LabRadar work with shotguns?
Currently LabRadar will obtain velocities from most Slug type projectiles. At this time it will not read multiple pellet projectiles.

Will LabRdar pick up shot from other shooters?
LabRadar accuracy will not be affected by other shots being fired into your radar beam. Part of the technology built into the system allows it to determine if the shot came from very near the radar unit or if it came in from another location. Since the radar tracking is only active for a fraction of a second it is nearly impossible for you to receive a velocity from another shooter nearby. Your unit also has an adjustment in it to "turn off" most gunshots that are nearby, yet allow your shot to operate the unit. In rare cases your unit may trigger on another shooters muzzle blast. If this occurs you can easily delete that shot from your data.

Why Labradar will not trigger?
If your Labradar will not trigger it is because it is not armed (light orange) or it is not "feeling" the muzzle blast. Unless you have a muzzle brake on your weapon your muzzle should be even with the side of the unit. This applies to handguns and rifles. Keep the Trigger Level set at 1.


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